“I’VE used Vee for a couple of projects. Writing is not one of my strengths, so I was thrilled to find someone so capable to offload assignments to. You may have heard that old adage that says, “when you’ve got it, you’ve got it!” Well, Vee has “it.” You will not be disappointed with her way with words.” 

Darian Atkins 

Executive Director: Community & Public Relations

Louisiana Delta Community College

Monroe, LA

IN the many years that I have known and worked with Vee Wright, I have had occasion to be impressed by her many talents. Of all those, her skill as an editor has been invaluable to me. She takes a thoughtful approach to everything she does. Her writing is clear, articulate, and concise. She communicates well and effectively; as an editor she informs her red lining with the same clarity. 

She seems to always know what thought or idea needs tweaking, and where and how it should be fleshed out. Her comments and suggestions have always made me a better writer, and given my writing a crystalline purpose." 

Tamara Beck

Wannabe Public Intellectual

Enjoying an Avuncular Retirement

New York City

"WE were looking for a volunteer to help us with marketing the Juneteenth 2019 celebration and I met Vee at a city council meeting.  After hearing our plans for Juneteenth, she volunteered and promoted Juneteenth  as if we hired her services. Vee took the time to understand who we are as a nonprofit and gave us a few amazing marketing plans to chose from. She also created games for the event. We wholeheartedly recommend Vee to everyone we know."

L. Marie Brown

Juneteenth/UMOJA Director

Monroe, LA

“VEE has a sharp eye when it comes to editing. We met at a networking event in NYC around 2011. I had recently become a certified Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. Vee approached me to write articles for her online magazine. I submitted my stories each month and she came back with awesome pointers and suggestions that put that final polish on my writing. I highly recommend her talents and skills as an editor to anyone who wants to employ her services.” 

Janet Cook


Vivacious Wellness Personal Coaching

Springfield, IL

“I HAD the occasion to have Vee edit several of the promotional pieces for Weight Loss Buddy. I couldn't have been happier with her work. A stickler for detail, she doesn't let her accuracy get in the way of her creativity. I don't hesitate to recommend her for any writing or editing work. She is the consummate professional.” 

Joey Dweck


Weight Loss Buddy

Tenafly, NJ

"SHE calls herself editor, writer, PR person, business coach, poet, and more. While others might describe themselves in similar terms, Vee Wright is the real thing  – someone who knows her craft and performs it to a high standard. 

I have  known her for more than a decade and have worked with her on a number of projects, including a political  campaign. I can say that Vee is insightful, analytical, patient, methodical, a great researcher, and a determined and dedicated trouper who just never quits.

A former editor in the news service of The New York Times, she knows the rules … but she doesn’t let proper grammar get in the way of your message. In fact, a professional word stylist (which is what I call Vee) can enhance your communications and deliver the best impression for you or your company or project. "

Joel Levin

Marketing Consultant 

South Orange, NJ